e-Learning Video Portfolio


Editing through emotion, connection & empathy

Do you know how online courses can be boring and drag the topic for too long?


I solve that by keeping the viewer engaged, more interested, and making the teacher look confident. Here are a few samples.

One of the lessons inside a digital course for web developers featuring camera, screen footage, graphics and animations
Excerpt from a Bonus Lesson inside a digital course for Film Editors (multicam)
A walk-through tutorial featuring some of the tools inside a web application for screen writers
Sample lesson from an online course focused on Microsoft Ads

I make and sell online video-based courses, teaching web design tech. I spent the first 2.5 years of the business making and editing my own course videos and YouTube videos. It was very time consuming and frustrating! But after several bad experiences with freelancers I wasn’t confident I could find the right person to help me out.

This was until I found Dennis. Let me tell you, Dennis is amazing.

First, he's ultra-reliable, communicates brilliantly and does what he says he will. This should be a given, I know, but this in itself makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest.

His video editing skills are superb. Yes, superb on a technical level, but more importantly, he’s a real storyteller. Even with my tech videos, he innately understands how to take the viewer on a journey, to keep them engaged throughout. Dennis’s video editing HUGELY enhances the learning experience for my students. They tell me how much they enjoy them, all the time.

But most importantly, he’s such a great guy to work with. In a few short months Dennis has become not only a key member of our team but a trusted friend, someone really invested in our business and the success of our students. I really enjoy and look forward to working with him.

In case you haven’t already got the picture - if you’re considering hiring Dennis to edit your videos, please do not hesitate. You can thank me later!

- Dave Foy. Entrepreneur, Founder of DesignBuildWeb.co