From the green lands of Costa Rica, I started editing for myself and my own projects years ago, to now doing it full time for other creators, companies, entrepreneurs and filmmakers.

I love the craft of finding the story behind any kind of footage, no matter the nature of it.


Because there's always a story to tell, and I'm here to help you empower that story through emotion, connection and empathy with the viewer.

I've hired Dennis for several video edits for my YouTube channel This Guy Edits with over 300,000 subscribers. I usually pick high concept videos for him as I trust his abilities to deliver a compelling cut. These videos have often garnered several hundred thousand views.


I also work with Dennis on my online editing course, The Go-To Editor (thegotoeditor.com), where he cut several of the editing lessons.


His work is on point, he always meets the deadlines, and he is easy-going in the note process. He is smart, and he listens. I cannot recommend Dennis more highly.

- Sven Pape. Film and Documentary editor