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From the green lands of Costa Rica, I started editing for myself and my own projects years ago, to now doing it full time for other creators, companies, entrepreneurs and filmmakers.

I love the craft of finding the story behind any kind of footage, no matter the nature of it.


Because there's always a story to tell, and I'm here to help you empower that story through emotion, connection and empathy with the viewer.

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I've hired Dennis for several video edits for my YouTube channel This Guy Edits with over 300,000 subscribers. I usually pick high concept videos for him as I trust his abilities to deliver a compelling cut. These videos have often garnered several hundred thousand views.


I also work with Dennis on my online editing course, The Go-To Editor (, where he cut several of the editing lessons.


His work is on point, he always meets the deadlines, and he is easy-going in the note process. He is smart, and he listens. I cannot recommend Dennis more highly.

- Sven Pape. Film and Documentary editor

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